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As my family and I have only been doing 911 Homeopathy, homeoprophylaxis, and immune boosting program for 3 months I must say that we have seen some awesome changes in our health!

Strange symptoms such as cradle cap that wouldn't go away on my 2.5 yr old, croup episodes, and other symptoms have sort of disappeared For myself, using Tania's homeopathic remedy kit has come in handy time and time again! Just 2 days ago on a camping trip I ate/drank too many acidic foods putting my stomach in knots- I pulled out one of the remedies and within minutes it was like nothing had happened. I LOVE having safe/natural remedies on hand to use for my family and I and to see how effective they are along with a homeopath that truly is there to guide us within minutes of needing her support!

~ Laura Adams ~ Orange County, CA


After my daughter was in pain for over a month, and the pediatricians I went to either dismissed me or suggested medication to manage the symptoms, G-d sent me Tania. We started a detox, and she contacted me daily to follow up on progress.

The real shocker was when we learned that my daughter’s pain was also due to an emotional experience as opposed to being purely physical. In less than an hour, Tania released the emotion, and my daughter was back to enjoying her childhood. This further proved to me how important it is to see the whole person, and Tania was the one who followed her intuition and used her knowledge to guide us through the healing process to get us the results we were hoping for. I am no longer feeling like a hopeless victim, and my belief that the solution is out there has been strengthened. The longer I know Tania the more I’ve started loving myself too. It’s a good thing. If we don’t care for ourselves who will.

~ Miriam D ~ Hollywood, Florida


Tania from 911 Homeopathy has helped my baby boy and me for the last year. She has given the baby homeopathic treatments for teething, fever, and allergies. The treatments always work quickly to make him feel better and he loves taking them. When he sees the bottle, he begs for it.

Tania has given me flower remedy treatments to help with the anxiety and fatigue that comes with being a new mom. Homeopathics really helped with the Spring allergies this week too. The homeopathic remedies she gave helped so much. Then it was I who sought treatment. Tania dissolved a huge cyst and helped me with another big medical issue! Its not Just the physical breakthroughs, but her emotional support that has sent me on a path of healing. Every time I see tania, another mental blockage is dissolved. She truly has a gift

- Liora Y ~ San Diego, CA Holistic Health Expert


My name is Shayna. I am here to share about homeopathy and Tania in specific. About 5 months ago, my baby Gila got her 6 months shots from the doctor. About an hour later she seemed in so much pain, she was so sad, she stopped nursing, eating right away, the next morning she couldn't move, she was paralyzed.

I was really scared, I knew this was a reaction she was having form the vaccine and nothing else. I took her to the doctor and she told me that I was crazy and denied what happened. She tried to convince me that it was a virus that she caught. I went to the hospital that wanted to do a spinal tap To check for meningitis, which I denied and left. By G-ds grace my friend gave me Tania's info and I went to her right away. Within a few minutes of the 911 protocol my baby was throwing up the toxins in her body from the vaccine, and we repeated the customized detox and immune boosting protocol for for the whole day and next day. 2 days later she went back to herself, she was crawling, eating, smiling, life came back to her.

We got our baby back, thank G-d Tania was able to restore my babies health. THIS IS PRICELESS. I don't have the words to thank her, this is incredible. Today 6 months later my baby was sick with fever for almost 72 hours, our regular pediatrician was not in due to corona virus, we took baby to the hospital to be checked. They couldn't figure out what was wrong, so they wanted to hook her up to IV, to a catheter, to check for a uriniary track infection, symptoms she didn't even have. I left from the hospital feeling really let down and took my baby into Tania again who did energy work on her without her even noticing, she was playing and nursing, she enjoyed it, while Tania did her energy healing made her another customized remedy. By the time we came home she started eating and nursing again Today she is completely back to normal.

This is a big WAKE UP CALL FOR ME. This is an OMG we all NEED TO LEARN HOMEOPATHY FOR CARING & HELPING FOR OUR CHILDREN. Especially now with everything going on in the world, especially the germs and bacteria in the hospitals and around us. We need to have tools that actually work and make us empowered as moms. I am so grateful that I am on this homeopathy education journey and I encourage anyone the is curious to get on board her semester training asap.

~ Shayna H ~ Miami, FL

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Tania Dilmani, a homeopath of 20 years, an international best selling author, and a world renowned holistic infectious disease expert. As a Professional Homeopath, Tania and her team supports clients, friends and family, almost daily to restore health in their lives. Tania lives a life full of passion and purpose and spends hours meditating daily as she believes that her elevated state of consciousness holds the space for her clients to excel physically and emotionally.

911 Homeopathy is unique innovative integrative one-stop shop for all your physical, emotional concerns during this pandemic. Helping you feel at ease, at peace, and empowered about your daily steps on how to deal with the unknown fears and anxieties outside of your control.  911 Homeopathy supports with immune boosting and disease prevention protocol for viruses and infectious diseases.   911 Homeopathy focuses on fighting shortness of breath, exhaustion, fatigue, cough, fever, headaches, body aches, sore throat,  anxiety, grief, fear of unknown, fear of death and many other symptoms.