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Tania Dilmani, a homeopath of 20 years, an international best selling author, and a world renowned holistic infectious disease expert. As a Professional Homeopath, Tania and her team supports clients, friends and family, almost daily to restore health in their lives. Tania lives a life full of passion and purpose and spends hours meditating daily as she believes that her elevated state of consciousness holds the space for her clients to excel physically and emotionally.

911 Homeopathy is unique innovative integrative one-stop shop for all your physical, emotional concerns during this pandemic. Helping you feel at ease, at peace, and empowered about your daily steps on how to deal with the unknown fears and anxieties outside of your control.  911 Homeopathy supports with immune boosting and disease prevention protocol for viruses and infectious diseases.   911 Homeopathy focuses on fighting shortness of breath, exhaustion, fatigue, cough, fever, headaches, body aches, sore throat,  anxiety, grief, fear of unknown, fear of death and many other symptoms.